The Magic of Law and Social Media

What to say to a graduating class of law students?...

"Work magic."  Advice for any young professional:  "Do your best to work some magic."

I’ve taken a peculiar path from lawyer to social media strategist.  My law school alma mater recently invited me back to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to be their commencement speaker and to talk about my unusual journey, from Law to Social Media.
I recently authored a book, Social Media Law for Business (yes, I do get royalties from the sale of the book; a disclosure from an abundance of caution), which I guess added some spark for a graduating class of law students who are entirely digital natives.
What follows is my effort to offer a few pearls of wisdom to a graduating class of bright-eyed soon-to-be lawyers from the Widener University School of Law.
I chose to speak about the magic of law and social media.
My old law school said I would have a half hour to speak.  I asked if it would be okay for me to keep my address to about ten minutes.  They said that would be fine.  (I did manage to keep my remarks to about ten minutes, but, there was a quick introduction and ceremony before my address.)

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