You Don’t Need an Apple Watch, But You’ll Get One

Simple as that.  You didn’t “need” an iPad, but you got one.  An Apple Watch is even cooler, because it's a wearable device that looks good, feels good, is extremely functional, reliable, and here to stay.

The Apple Watch is Not Google Glass

Confession:  I was a “Google Glass Explorer.”  I plunked down $1,500 for the privilege of getting Version 1 of Glass.  They later upgraded me to a Version 2. 

Versions 1 and 2 of Glass were bust.  Meaning, they didn’t work in a way that made the device worthwhile to wear or remotely justified the cost.

I wasn’t kind in my rantings about the shortcomings of Google Glass.  It seldom worked.  Connectivity was constantly an issue.  Battery life was too short.  I liked the “Wink” app that let me wink and take a picture.  The camera and video function did work, but they certainly couldn’t justify the  cost and clunkiness of the rest of the product.

                       Apple Delivers

The Apple Watch, as one would expect from Apple, is sleek and functional and reliable.  And it’s so much more than a watch.

A Word About Watches:

The Apple Watch

Just Devoured an Industry

To be fair, the Apple Watch really isn’t a watch.  It’s a mobile computer device.  It’s a mobile phone.  It’s Siri on your wrist.  It’s your calendar.  It’s your fitness tracker.  It’s your GPS.  Get the picture?

Oh, and did I mention, it looks really good?

I’m a watch guy.  I like watches.  There’s something about the history and craftsmanship that goes into watches.  I love the simple elegance of my Longines.  I love the boldness of my Shinolas.  The stateliness of my Omega.

Nonetheless, since getting my Apple Watch, I have not taken it off (except for nightly recharging).  I am content to admire my watch collection in my watch box.  I hate to say it, but, I don’t see myself wearing one of those watches again - UNLESS, they are simply a fashion accessory to my very fashionable Apple Watch!

I think that covers it.

What do I like about my Apple Watch?

  1. It looks good.  Yes, fashion matters.
  2. The battery life works.  I wish the Apple Watch battery lasted longer than a day, but, a full day works.  And that’s what it gives you, a full day.
  3. GPS on the Apple Watch is more than a gimmick. Punch in a destination on your iPhone.  Directions will appear on your Apple Watch.  Clear and simple enough for you to not have to look at your phone, but to simply glance at your hand on the steering wheel and see what’s coming next.  Plus, it taps you to tell you which direction to turn.
  4. The watch really works as a phone!  Seriously.  Better than Dick Tracy’s!  You can make a call or receive a call easily on your Apple Watch.  Press the side bar on the phone.  It shows you your closest circle of family and friends you’ve designated.  Your favorites.  Your frequent calls.  Tap one or scroll through the list using the crown of your phone and you’ll see a picture of the friend/family member you want to call – or message! – and tap.   Dialing or answering a call is super easy and you don’t need to put the phone next to your ear.  Keep it on the steering wheel.  You don’t have to shout.  It won’t become your first option for calls, but it’ll work well whenever you want it to.  (Perhaps even more important is your ability to see who is calling in a glance and dismiss the call for later if you'd care to.)
  5. The Apps are easy to use and the alerts are easy to control.  The sensationalist stories whined about too many alerts and too many apps.  When you get your phone, go to the Apple Watch app an your iPhone and decide which apps and alerts you really want.  It doesn’t take long to bring sense to your phone and app screen.
  6. Temperature and appointments.  I like being able to look at my “watch” face and see what the temperature is outside and whether I have any upcoming appointments.
  7. Text messages.  It’s nice to be able to see a text message without taking having to take out your phone.  And the watches mix of ready-to-use replies makes dispensing with many messages an easy tap.
  8. Siri on your wrist.  Ask her whatever you want:  “Hey, Siri….”   (Usually takes me two to three shouts.
  9. Personal fitness coach.  I like getting reminders that I have been sitting too long and that it’s time for me to stand up.
  10. Fitness tracking.  I need to explore this more.  I like the benchmarking it does for me.
  11. Paying with a flick of the wrist.  Haven’t done it yet, but, it’s there.
  12. Opening my hotel room door.  Haven’t done it yet, but, it's there.
  13. Best Nearby Things to Do.  Trip Advisor on my wrist, geo-tagged.
  14. Breaking news alerts.  Easy to read.  Tap for the full story.  Don’t know how it is, but, it IS easy to read
  15. Ping my iPhone (to help me find it!)  Misplaced your iPhone (again!).  No worries.  Swipe your watch to a screen with an icon of your iPhone.  Tap it.  Your phone will emit a loud “pinging” sound.  You don’t need to set this up.  It’s there.
  16. Easy to do a screen save.  Just press the bar on the side of the watch and simultaneously press down on the crown of the phone.  You'll hear the sound of a photo.
  17. Great apps and an easy swipe to access them.  You’ll see when you get one.
  18. The alarm is helpful.  It appears on your watch when you've set a reminder and it's easily cleared without fumbling for your phone.
  19. Facebook Pages!  A social media marketer's delight!  You can get those important alerts on your wrist so there's little time delay and less worry.
I’m sure I’ll be updating this post with new items as I explore my watch more.  But, I think I’ve given enough for you to get the picture.  You will want – and eventually get – an Apple Watch.  And the convenience it offers will ultimately justify the buy.

To those who scoffed about the future of wearables….well, a million plus sales of the Apple Watch have already proven them wrong.


This shouldn't happen with an expensive watch.  I got the edition with the black leather watchband.  After having and wearing the watch for a couple weeks, I helped set up a picnic on a hot day.  Apple Watch leather band + a little sweat = a mess.

Anyone else have this problem?  (I'll be stopping by the Apple Store this week.)


Visited a local Apple store that, at time, didn't have any replacement bands.  They suggested I call Apple Care, which I did, only to be instructed to return to the store and request again a replacement band.  This time they had one of the leather bands in stock and replaced my defective one.  Guessing mine was an anomaly, as I haven't heard from anyone else with a similar problem.

By the way, bought one of Apple's "Milanese loop" watchbands:   elegant, with a powerful magnetic end to the band that closes securely, to an almost magical effect.  $150.

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