Let’s Chat About #Tech and #SocialGood

One of the things I enjoy doing is getting to work with companies that are forward thinking and thinking about “social good.”  Verizon is one such company.  

On a monthly basis, Verizon holds a Twitter chat, which is simply a time on Twitter when everyone and anyone are welcomed to join an open conversation about a given topic.  (Verizon likes to spice it up by usually offering a prize as well to those who RSVP, let their community know about the chat, and join the chat.  RSVP@theonlinemom.com).  

Verizon's May 8th, 2015’s #LifeOnFiOS (the official hashtag) Twitter chat was set to talk about “Technology and Social Good.”  Let’s consider some examples.

Customer Service Call Center…
Using American Sign Language

Using Verizon as an example, just scratching the surface, the convergence of “social good and technology” can be found in Verizon’s creation of a video call center that allows customers to ask questions and receive answers using American Sign Language.  It’s a social good that comes about from the emergence of a technology that allows video calling in real time.  How else might we use this technology for social good?

Verizon’s “Descriptive Video Services” Enable 
Visually-Impaired Viewers
To “Hear” Onscreen

“It’s incredibly helpful” is how one consumer describes Verizon’s “Descriptive Video Service.”  Take a quick moment to find out how the service works.  I think you’ll be pretty amazed!  What more could we be doing?

Join the Conversation/Chat

The two examples just given should get our creative juices flowing.  Join our chat or, if you missed it, add your suggestions in the comments here!  Thanks!

Technology for Social Good:
Some Works in Progress

  • Wearables that help kids with autism recognize the emotions of others from their facial expressions….
  • Augmented reality to help those with color blindness….
  • Wearables for caregivers to track their loved ones in real time….

Your turn!  Comments encouraged!  

And let's connect on Twitter!  @GlenGilmore

Please note:  I’m a sponsored brand ambassador for Verizon FiOS.  That means I do receive some compensation for our collaboration.  Rest assured, though, the thoughts and sentiments are always mine (and, I hope, maybe yours!)

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