Television? There’s an App for that!

FiOS Mobile App

If you’re like me, you’re big on apps.  If there’s a store or bank or service I like, I want its mobile app to make our relationship easier.  Verizon gets this and has provided a mobile app that helps solve on of TV’s greatest challenges:  figuring out where and when you favorite programs are.

More than this, the app has numerous features that I'm still exploring that deepen the entertainment experience.

"Television" isn't just television anymore.  The line between television and movies has blurred in the competition to capture viewers less inclined to go to the movies and increasingly inclined to "binge watch" while snuggled up with a tablet and smartphone.


Forget having to scroll through 600 channels:  do a search that finds exactly what you're looking for or gives you new information about a general topic of interest.

Record It

I know you’re already doing this.  I han’t.  I like that Verizon’s app makes it easy to do.  

The challenge of a mobile app is to make the user experience more seamless and to deepen the desire of users to return for an experience that eliminates stress rather than inspires it!

Parental Controls Made Easy

Like figuring out when your favorite shows are, the FiOS app makes the task of setting parental controls easy to do as well.

Movie Buffs Rejoice

I love movies.  What I love about the FiOS app is that it gives you a lot of easy-to-digest detail that improves your ability to make smarter movie choices and get to know the actors better as well.  

Trailers are cool, but so is a short, written summary that gives you an even more
accurate understanding of what you’re thinking about watching.

Actors?  I’d like to get better about knowing who they are and what their other movies may be.  Voila!


The FiOS Mobile app makes your entertainment experience more mobile than it’s ever been.  I like to be able to scan and switch between news channels and do it  wherever I might be in the house.  The FiOS app makes that easy to do.

FiOS Mobile and Your Tablets and Smartphones

Tablet sales are slowing as smartphones become “phablets,” large-screened mobile devices that make apps like FiOS Mobile so appealing.

That’s it.  Hope you enjoyed and found it helpful.  Please let me know what you think!  And connect with me on Twitter!  @GlenGilmore

Disclosure:  Not all that long ago, I was invited to join Verizon’s influencer team to explore Verizon FiOS and its related services and products, reporting on them without any editorial oversight.  Though it is a sponsored relationship, meaning I receive some compensation as part of my relationship, you can be assured that opinions expressed here are simply my own - though, I hope, shared by others!

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