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In case you missed it, a few months ago I was invited to become a sponsored member of Verizon "Life on FiOS" brand ambassador team: I try their products and services, share my thoughts with my online community, and receive some benefits in doing so.  Write what I write, nobody asks to see what I write before I write it.  Sounded like a win to me - and it has been.

I Need My Speed

Before I had the invitation from Verizon, I was using cable, though we had fiber optics in our neighborhood.  I had actually intended to make a switch because of a basic sense that the newer technology is faster and more reliable.  For me, not having made the switch earlier was simply one of those things of knowing I should upgrade to the newer technology, but, just not having it as a high priority item.  (I should have made it a higher priority.)

I work and play on the computer all the time.  Internet speed matters.  I'm not techie enough to give you an explanation of the various speeds and what they each mean.  I just know I need my speed when it comes to the internet because speed means productivity or the loss of it.

Verizon's Internet Speed Chart

Verizon has a chart that lays out what the various speed options are and what they mean.  I'll include a link to their site as well, but, please not that it is NOT affiliate link, meaning that I don't get any added compensation if you make a switch (though I think you'll thank me if you do!).

Verizon FiOS Internet Info.

Oh, and should you call or email, don't bother saying I sent you, because the best you'll likely get in response would be a, "Glen who?"

75/75 to 150/150

So, when I made the switch from Cable to Verizon, the speed I started with was 75/75.  It was a noticeable increase in speed and reliability from cable.  But, like I said earlier, I really want my speed and requested a change to the 150/150.  You can refer to the chart above for what it all means by way of actual speed, download times.

For me, the question is, "In my daily online activities do I find an increase in productivity due to added internet speed?"  The answer is "yes."  And, in addition to a subtle, albeit noticeable increase in productivity, there is a noticeable absence of the customary frustration that comes with slow download speeds.

Bottom Line

Making a switch to a faster internet speed will improve your daily productivity and happiness level (from not having the daily "uugghh!" moments as the internet takes it sweet ole time to get from site to site or open something you need NOW!).

Happy surfing!  Your thoughts and comments are always welcomed.  And, if we're not connected on Twitter, let's fix that!  GlenGilmore

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