Verizon’s #LifeOnFiOS “Influencer Program”

An Invitation to Become an Ambassador!…Ehmm…a Brand Ambassador, more precisely

I must confess that I have always dreamed of someday becoming an ambassador, as in, the "Ambassador to Luxembourg," or Spain or…

Being a brand ambassador for Verizon FiOS hadn’t quite come to mind, but, there it is.  And, I must say, I am dubbing myself a “brand ambassador,” as that phrase was never used on Verizon’s end! 

Instead, a friend on Twitter simply recommended me to a Verizon representative as someone who might be a good candidate to try Verizon’s FiOS’ fiber-optic services and to share my experiences as part of their “Influencer Program.”  It is a sponsored relationship, meaning that I will receive some benefits, such as some services and travel, access to some of Verizon’s newest tech, in return for trying out their services and sharing my experiences online, hashtag, #LifeOnFiOS.

A Need for Speed

For me, the invitation was perfectly timed as my neighborhood has fiber-optic installed and I had been planning for some time to make a switch from cable to Verizon, as I have a need for speed when it comes to the internet - and I know that I'm not getting the speed or reliable connectivity in my home that I should be.

Looking at their information, Verizon FiOS seems to be foremost about entertainment:  “Watch what you want.  When you want.  How you want.”  For me, that’ll be great, but, I am even more excited about the prospect of faster, more-reliable, home, internet service.

I currently have an installation date set for about a week from now, when I come back from Miami Social Media Week.  I am hoping that Verizon FiOS will live up to its hype of “blazing speed.”  Given the in-and-out and often tortoise-like speed of my existing home wifi, I’ll be satisfied if I see any boost in speed and reliability.  “Blazing” would be brilliant!

I’ll Keep You Posted

What I already like about my new relationship with Verizon is that I have simply been asked to share my experiences as I might care to do so.  I have also been asked to make it clear that all opinions expressed are my own.

I am someone who loves tech, though I am not particularly techie, as many of my dear friends will be quick to point out - though, I am a teacher of trends in emerging technologies and wearable tech.

In short, I do hope that I will be able to share some fun and helpful insights along the way through my participation in this program. 

I also wanted be clear about the sponsored nature of the relationship and to let you judge my content from there.  

And, as always, I invite you to share any comments you might care to make! 

P.S.  If we are not already connected on Twitter, please join me at:  @GlenGilmore