"A Gathering of Corporate Peers" NYC, June

On June 13 and 14, 2012, Useful Social Media will be hosting their third annual Corporate Social Media Conference at the New Yorker Hotel, in New York City. As a media sponsor of the conference and moderator for a couple of the sessions, I wanted to share a bit about the event and encourage you to attend.

What Makes The Corporate Social Media Conference
So Special?

Unlike most social media conferences, the Corporate Social Media Conference puts a premium on corporate, digital marketers.  Its speakers consist of some of the best digital marketers in the trenches of some of the best corporations.  The emphasis is on providing speakers who are the online social voices, marketers and strategist for leading companies. 

A Gathering of Corporate Peers

Useful Social Media founder, Nicholas Johnson, offered that it is not only the speakers that make the event unique, but the audience as well.  He explained:  "[W]e have an extremely high proportion, usually well over seventy percent, of our audience coming from the corporate world.  It's a real gathering of corporate peers to share best practices."  He added, "We are not a trade show, and our numbers are strictly limited to preserve this high-quality, focused community of corporate marketers and social practitioners."

"Been There, Done That"     

What can attendees expect from their participation?  "Proven best practices from corporates that have 'been there and done that,'" said Johnson.  "The aim is that our attendees get not only a set of practical tools they can use every day, but a broader insight into the long-term strategy for, and approach to, social from some of the largest companies in the world."

I hope you'll join me at the conference for some exciting sharing, networking, and incredible learning! 

For information on registration, please visit The Corporate Social Media Summit! 

By the way, social media influence does count:  If you are a social media/digital marketing influencer, you may be eligible for one of limited number of influencer special rate passes.  Please DM me on Twitter if you think you might fit the bill!  Thanks.  @GlenGilmore

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As a media sponsor of the instagram followers fre conference and moderator for a couple of the sessions, I wanted to share a bit about the event and encourage you to attend.