Use Twitter to Brush Up On a Second Language

Many moons ago, I spent a wonderful semester in Sevilla, Spain studying Spanish...among other things.  Since then, I have struggled to keep and expand my aptitude for the Spanish language.  Very recently, it dawned on me that I should use Twitter to help me in my quest (like the tie to the photo!).   
Here's how:

1.  Identify accounts tweeting in your language of choice (search the language to find them).

2.  Add a few of the accounts tweeting in your language of choice to your favorite Twitter list so that your Twitter stream is sprinkled with tweets in the language you hope to polish.  Study those tweets when they appear: look up the words you don't know and look at how the words are phrased.  Fácil. Eso es todo.  (Easy.  That's it.)

On the Subject of Twitter Lists

If you're not using Twitter lists, you should be.  They are a major tool for zeroing in on the best content.  I have a few public lists that should be revised or eliminated as I created them when Twitter lists first came out and I really didn't vet them as well as I should have.

I do, however, have a private Twitter list of my "content stars", tracking accounts that consistently share good content.  Why is it 'private'?  I am vigilant and ruthless in maintaining this list:  if the content doesn't meet the mark, you're off the list.  I'd rather not hurt feelings, if anyone were to care.  This list is a column in TweetDeck (I've begun testing the waters with Hootsuite) that is always up and where I look in throughout the day.  It brings me the best content and, now, it has started to help me brush up on my Spanish.  So I just thought I should share this tip.  Buena suerte!  (Good luck!)

How to Create a Twitter List (or Shameless Promotion of One of My Niche Accounts)

Go to the account tweeting in the language you'd like to brush up on.  See the profile, drop-down icon next to the blue "Following" box.  Click the drop-down arrow so that it reveals the choice, third one down, "Add or remove from lists".  If you haven't created lists, simply click on the bottom choice, "Create list".  Give the list whatever name you'd like, and start brushing up!
Your tips on using Twitter to brush up on or learn a second language?  Gracias!
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