4 Tips for Social Media Community Managers

1.  Have fun.

You won't succeed in social media unless you learn to have fun with it.  Social media community building and management is a lot of work.  You need to consistently find great content to share.  You need to pay attention to your community and engage your community.  You need to grow your community.  It is labor intensive.  You will only succeed in doing these things well if you figure out to how to have fun while doing them.  Only you can figure out how to do that, but do it.

2.  Share what inspires you.

This relates to the first point.  Follow and share what inspires you, what excites you.  If you do, you will almost certainly inspire and excite others.  The greatest teachers are always those who love their subjects.  Even when you are creating content for others, find that element of the subject that excites you; it will likely be the best method of finding the best content. 

3.  Look for others to join in the fun.

Social media is all about community building.  Consider those who would likely enjoy the content you are sharing.  Find them by the content they share.   Retweet their content.  Comment on their content. 

And keep in mind, as you work to build your community, that while content may be king, relevancy builds a kingdom.

4.  When things get really hot, look for a hydrant to open up.

What?  Not everyone has a pool.  Figure out what folks are thirsting for and find a way to bring it to them.
Please let me know your thoughts!

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40deuce said...

Great advice!

Sheldon, community manager for Sysoms

Unknown said...

Thanks, Sheldon! Much appreciated!

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Unknown said...

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