Ode to "Social Media Climbers"

"Social media climbers"....you know who they are...they are not blue bloods.   They don't share our pedigree.  They don't have OUR credentials.

Oh.  Okay.  Gottcha.

Excuse me, tell me again, just who are the "social media climbers"?


At an earlier point in my Twitter experience, when I had garnered a following of about 50,000, when  I was experimenting with Twitter, as I still am, I applied for a service that lets applicants decide if they would want to host an ad on their Twitter page.  I got my first request, from NASCAR, for a chance to race a car...Heck, I'd retweet that if I wasn't paid, so I retweeted it and got paid - and I disclosed that I got paid.

Got my second request for an ad on my Twitter page, along with a request for a retweet:  mention a new social media book and that if anyone follows and RT's, that person got a chance to get an autographed copy of his book.  I thought that was fine, as my standard is simple:  I will only accept a payment for an RT if I would have RT'd it without being paid.  In this instance, my impresssion was the guy who wrote the book was down to earth and expert in social media: I'd be glad to promote his book.  So I ran his ad on my page and retweeted the message about his book.

Curiously, he didn't reciprocate my follow, though, apparently, his press agents deemed me worthy enough to tweet about his book.  That's fine.  That was nothing but a business arrangement.

Ok, so what am I gettting at?

Not long after I ran his ad, thinking I was promoting a book for a guy who was on the level and social, I started to see him frothing about "social media climbers", you know, those people on Twitter who try and build a following...."Oh, sorry, you mean those of us who don't have publicists to pay others to run ads from 'social media climbers' asking that they follow you!?"  Ah...yah.

Yes, I'm venting.

It galls me when I hear certain "Twitterati" wax poetic about the "organic growth" of their following, when I know they did the unspoken dance of the Twitterati to get their robust following.

One Twitter "god", who follows about 19,000 and has about 44,000 followers, and who is fawned over by so many otherwise astute social media professionals, will pontificate about the "organic growth" of a following on Twitter -- and so many will trip over themselves to say "Amen" - but, I remember when he was following about 50,000, not 19,000...

Hhmmm.  I'm guessn I'm not going to be invited to any Mashable events.....

For the record, I am a social media "climber".  Fortunately, my clients consistently believe I bring them value.  Similarly, it seems that my friends on Twitter, as my friends always, generally forgive me for saying what I think....

Oh, and before you depart dear reader....as I've yet to get my publicist on board, might you be so kind as to follow yours truly?  @GlenGilmore  Thanks!  :)
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