6 Reasons to Comment on Blogs

1.  It's easy to do.  Ok, so I get that you really don't have time to blog.  But you're reading blogs and when you're done, you could make a quick connection and gain a nice bit of exposure by jotting a quick comment.  Doesn't have to be a dissertation.  Just a line or two.

2.  You will read more.  Commenting on a blog will get you to read more, because it will engage you more in what you are reading.  This, in turn, will get you more interested in seeking out additional content on the subject...It just will.  You'll want to see how others have treated the issues and how other readers have reacted to the what was written.  A natural, human response.

3.  You will write more.  Well, to begin with, even that line or two in a blog comment will be more than most write in a creative way.  And once you've written your first line, it may inspire others.  Before you know it, you'll be saying to yourself:  "I should write something about this too."  And you should.

4.  You will think more.  We know that if we're going to comment on something, even a line or two, we need to be sure of what we've just read.  It forces us to ponder even a slight moment more on what we've just read.  It has a wonderful effect.

5.  You will connect more.  You want to connect with a blogger?  Write a comment, even a single line.  You'll get noticed, even if you don't think you've been.  And others commenting will take notice too.  You'll find yourself connecting with bloggers and other communication leaders. 

6.  It will inspire you -- and others.  What you think is important.  Sharing your thoughts with others will inspire you to do more, see more, and share more -- encouraging others to do the same.

Now...don't be afraid to comment...just a line or two.

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