Want to be found? Blog and Tweet! #SEO

"How do we get to the top of a Google search?!"

"How do we get to the top of Google search on a subject," is a question often asked by businesses hoping to be found on the web.  There are plenty of search engine optimization (SEO) "gurus" who promise secret potions for accomplishing the task of being found more easily on the web.  I simply don't know any secret potions.

Blog and tweet to found be found on web!

"Blog and tweet to be found the web" is not the sexy, sophisticated response that most businesses are hoping to hear when they are interested in soaring past their competition on the web. Instead, it seems that they would prefer that you lean close and whisper that you have somehow cracked a Google PageRank logarithm that will catapult them past the competition.  Certainly, having cracked a Google code would seem more worthy of an SEO advisor, but the truth is often a bit more mundane.

Yesterday, near eleven in the evening, I posted a blog about a new YouTube sensation, Greyson Chance, whose sixth-grade talent show performance has gotten him over sixteen-million YouTube views, an appearance on The Ellen Show, and a recording contract.  I then tweeted the post from my Twitter account.  My tweet of the Greyson post was then retweeted by others.  The result?  About nine hours later my blog post appears as seventh item in a Google search of "Chance Greyson."

Sharing and creating content in social networks may seem a bit plebian, but it still works in SEO

Now I don't expect my name and post to remain in this ranking for very long, since others will no doubt soon be writing and sharing much about this new talent.  However, for the moment, a simple blog post and few well-placed tweets have managed to wedge my name into the first page of a search about America's newest idol.  Want to bump me out of my ranking?  Blog and tweet a bit as well!
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