6 Tips for Finding Great Content to Share on Twitter #sm

In the land of Twitter, you are known by what you tweet  Finding and sharing great content is the key to establishing yourself as a thought leader in the arena of social media.  Here are some Twitter tips on how to find and share great content:

1.  Do a Twitter search of users to identify and follow thought leaders in your niche. 

Once you've decided what field you would like to establish yourself as a leader in on Twitter, do a Twitter search of users and begin following those who are already sharing content in the space.  Listen to what they are saying and how they are saying it and follow their lead.  Check in on them regularly to keep abreast of the latest content and share what you consider to be best.  Retweeting the latest content from thought leaders is a great way to develop your niche, as well as an easy way to get the attention of and connect with established thought leaders.

2.  Create and save Twiter searches for your niche.

Twitter lets you set up and save searches.  Create some permanent search topics and check them regularly for good content.  Retweet the best of what you find.

3.  Create a Twitter List of content stars

Twitter lists are an easy way of keeping track of great curators of information, i.e., people who consistently find and share great content.  As you come across users who consistently share great content, add them to your content star list and regularly check in on what they're tweeting.  You will learn much and have much to share as well!  (OK, I must confess that this is the only list of mine that I keep private.  Seems I've read that you shouldn't give away all your secrets...You will find that a good group of Twitter content curators will quickly best the content you may have found previously using Google alerts.)

4.  Set up Google alerts

Creating several Google Alerts related to your field is a great way to identify and share original content.  You can let the story items pile up and pick through them at your leisure - though keep in mind that the live-stream, real-time nature of news today gives added points to those who share great content first.  Use terms in your search that will narrow the results and focus your niche.

5.  Create an AllTop account

This one step should help you enormously in staying on top of the latest developments in your niche: go to AllTop and set up your own niche listening post; the site makes easy the process of tracking the best articles on the web. Look for AllTop pages set up by thought leaders in your field to see what they are reading on a regular basis.  It's how I start my morning:  http://AllTop.com/GlenDGilmore

6.  StumbleUpon great content

I'm a fan of StumbleUpon, a site where users identify what they believe to be the best content on the web.  The site let's you set up your account to focus you on your own areas of interest.  Add a toolbar to your web page and when you need a break from your work, stumble.  You'll find some really great content to share!

Now be sure to folllow me on Twitter at @TrendTracker and share in the Comments suggestions you may have for finding that great content!  Thanks!  Glen (aka, TrendTracker)

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Twitter Bird:  Flickr: Guy Kawasaki
Google Alert:  Flickr:  Ari Herzog

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