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I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read in the train. ~ Oscar Wilde

Phuket, Thailand
It doesn't matter how often you've traveled, it's a good idea to run through a checklist before you go.

There are a ton of apps that make travel easier and more interesting.  I'd simply recommend you search your destination in the app store to see what the latest and best recommended might be.  (Do get a basic learn-the-language one: even the worst attempt at speaking the local language usually brings a smile and warmer welcome.)  Do be sure to have a cloud service like DropBox or Evernote to access your documents wherever you go and Skype to call home.  (Good idea to add a scan of your important documents:  passport, any medical records, etc.)

Do also figure out where your nation's embassy is where you'll be visiting and even considering registering with them if your destination is a little dicey.

Hope my list helps and I hope you can add to it!

Travel Checklist:

__ Plane ticket  (Just double check!)

__ Passport/visas

__ Driver's license (I've never been asked to show an "international" driver's license to rent a car overseas.)

__ Credit cards (Bring more than one in case one suddenly no longer works, which can happen when your travel itinerary is overseas and the fraud department gets nervous.)

__ Notify your credit card companies you are heading overseas so fraud protection doesn't close you down.

__ Carry separately a copy of your passport, credit card numbers and credit card company phone numbers. (When your wallet and passport go missing, you'll be glad you took this precaution.)

__ Read up on where you're going and where best to exchange currency.

__ Shots? Vaccines? Talk to your doctor.

__ Prescriptions for contacts, medications.

__ Medical evacuation insurance (You'll be glad you have it if you encounter a serious injury.  I succeeded in fracturing my pelvis on a parachute jump in the Netherlands and the not-too-expensive insurance got me a flight back to the States with a private nurse at my side, with the final leg of the journey covering me as the sole passenger on a stretcher in a plane to my home state.)

__ Cell phone, charger and back-up battery (Add camera if you're not using your cell phone for photos) (Got a Kensington mini-battery for my iPhone for my last trip and loved it; unsponsored endorsement!)

__ Arrange overseas travel discount plan for your phone

__ Stop or have someone pick up mail and newspapers

__ Pet care

__ Plant care

__ ID destination wifi areas and Internet cafes before you go.

__ Weather reports for destination

__ Travel guide (ID your must-do sites, eateries, activities in advance: map em out and schedule them)

__ Do a Twitter search of your destination; ask questions

__ Accommodation reservations or options (check for wifi)

__ Compact language guide (sure you can download one into your smartphone, but I still prefer a small paperback)

__ Earplugs

__ Compact speaker to enjoy your music without your headphones

__ Know how you're getting to/from the airport (home and abroad)

__ First Aid kit

__ Toiletries (include toilet paper roll)

__ Sandals/flip-flops (essential if you're hosteling and using community showers)

__ Sunscreen

__ Bathing Suit (always look for a chance to swim!)

__ Sunglasses

__ Small towel

__ Undergarments and socks

__ Cotton pants and jeans

__ Cotton crew shirts and button downs

__ Wool sweater

__ Walking/hiking shoes

__ Business outfit: suit, dress shoes, dress socks, dress shirts, collar stays, cufflinks, ties; overcoat

__ Zip lock bags (great for keeping electronics dry if you're not carrying an umbrella)

__ Compact umbrella (ok, I skip this)

__ Lightweight hiking raincoat (a must)

__ Netbook, mouse, charger  (Be sure to have GoogleDocs, DropBox, or Evernote and Skype.)

__ 3-outlet wall plug mount (Crucial in an airport where outlet space is in big demand: you can ask someone to unplug their device from the wall, then give them a outlet, keeping two for yourself!)

__ Daypack cushioned for netbook

__ Electric converters

__ Gym attire

__ Waterproof watch

__ Reading material (I always pack a few books, preferably paperbacks, so that when dependable delays occur, I'm still happy.)

__ Pen (yes, I'm digital, but a pen still comes in handy!), highlighters (I like to highlight what I read - prefer paperbacks when I travel; put em inside a ziplock bag)

__ E-mail yourself important documents and presentations (Primitive, I know, but it works!)

__ Business cards in a zip-lock bag

__ Gift for hosts, new friends

Oh, and if you forget something, not to worry, someone is bound to have what you forgot!

Bangkok, Thailand (Beer boats!)
Please comment and add to my list!

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