Forget the bells and whistles: blog and connect!

Let me start by saying that I am not trying to make a case for mediocrity or sloppiness. Instead, I am trying to encourage sharing compelling content first and working out the kinks as you go along.

I’m a somewhat reluctant blogger. I have a passion to share some content, but I know that my blog does not have the bells and whistles a “real” blog should have. You know, the fancy retweet and connect-with-me-everywhere buttons, the links that are simply embedded in the text, the stand-alone domain….Yah, I’m a guy who tracks and devours social media and tech trends, but I simply haven’t made the time yet to figure out and do the neat tricks of proper blogging design – just not where my focus is at the moment. Consequently, I’ve been reluctant to blog as I know it only underscores my shortcomings in this regard.

Not long ago, however, I saw a tweet from my friend (See, if I really knew what I was doing, I simply would’ve had @Kim and it would’ve linked you to her Twitter account!), and she tweeted something about not letting a desire for perfection get in the way of getting things done. That was pretty much the gist of it. Don't let a desire for perfection stand in the way of getting things done.  I took it to heart and decided I would go ahead and do another blog or two and not worry about the absence of bells and whistles. A pretty cool thing happened as a consequence.

Recently, I travelled to Hershey, Pennsylvania to attend a charity dinner honoring Ford CEO Alan Mulally. As expected, the Ford CEO wowed us all. I really wanted to share the great experience I had had, so I decided to put together a post. Again, I knew my blog design was not quite worthy of the subject matter, but I just felt I had to share my great experience:

Ford CEO: 14 Lessons in Leadership and Marketing

The day after I after I published my blog post, I received a call from my friend,, who had organized the Ford event. She said that she had just gotten a call from Ford’s corporate office asking for my cell number and she urged me to keep my phone close at hand. I immediately switched my phone from vibrate to signal, not wanting to miss a call if it came.

Naturally, I missed the called when I stepped briefly into a local supermarket where a cone of silence seemingly incapacitates all phones. Cool thing is, as I left the store, I discovered that I actually had a phone message from Ford CEO Alan Mulally. Graciously complimenting my blog post, Alan said that he had answered phone calls and e-mails throughout the day from people who had read it, said nice things about it, and wished that they had been at the event. Imagine that.

Alan ended his very kind message with his phone number. I quickly called it, bracing myself to work my way past the palace guard. That was unnecessary. The phone was answered with a simple, “Hello, Alan Mulally.” “Hello, Glen Gilmore,” I answered. Wow. Or, as, Ford’s social media go-to guy informed me Alan would say, “Way cool.” Way cool, indeed!

So, the moral of the story?
Compelling content overcomes design shortfalls.
Share your story and you'll connect.

A few easy tips for my would-be blogging colleagues:

1. Set up a blog and begin to share your passion.

2. Worry first about the content you are creating and sharing.

3. Write about something that really moves you and it’ll connect with others.

4. Don’t let a desire for perfection keep you from blogging and connecting!

5. Research about how to add the bells and whistles – and try and make the time to add them… =)

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Photo credits:  Ford CEO, Ford; Tricycle from Flickr Tyler Knott; Bicycle from Flickr Live4sports

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