What Love Teaches Us About Social Media: 15 Tips

Social media, at its core, is about building relationships. The ultimate in relationships is love.  Love offers some important lessons for social media proponents.

So What Does Love Teach Us About Social Media?

1. Follow your heart.

Where you go in social media, depends on you. What are your interests, your passions? You’ll find success in social media if you stick to those things you truly care about and enjoy. It’ll come through in your writing.

2. Begin by listening and observing.

Social media can be an intimidating and dizzying forum. Only by listening and observing will you detect the voices that connect with you.

3. Smile and say something nice.

Never underestimate the power of a smile and a kind word. They are quite often all that is needed to spark a relationship. Similarly, in social media, a kind word in answer to a question or concern can be the beginning of an incredible relationship.

4. Help one another.

It’s often easy to help another by doing something that doesn't require much effort on our part, other than sharing something we already have.  Do, and you'll not only help the other person, but likely help yourself in the process.

5. Be dependable.

Love requires dependability, a bond that can counted upon. Relationships in social media will only grow and deepen when there is a sustained voice and exchange.

6. Make time for it.

To succeed in social media requires a commitment of time. If you’re serious about succeeding in this forum, you must dedicate time to it.

7. Have fun.

If it’s going to work, it’s gotta be fun. This is why following your heart is so important.

8. Laugh.

Don’t be afraid to laugh with others and at yourself. Too serious and you’re going to lose the lightness that makes its magical.

9. Be honest.

Real relationships can handle just about anything, except a lack of honesty. The same is true in social media. Lose your credibility and you’ve lost everything.

10. Don’t forget to say “thank you.”

This is a phrase that never gets old and can't be used too much.

11. Remember that the little things are the big things.

See above.

12. Be creative.

Creativity is a great ingredient for making the old new.

13. Make allowances.

Everyone is entitled to a bad day or two. If you’ve succeeded with the other points, making some allowances along the way should be pretty easy and worthwhile.

14. Love. Be passionate.

Love requires love. In social media, if you’re a brand, you better love your product or service or no one else will. Want your customers to love you? They’re going to expect a little love first.

15. Work at it.

Work at it? Trust me, work at it! 


  1. Solid post, especially leading up to Valentines day! Well done, nailed a lot of good points..

  2. What a sweet post -- the simplicity of your expression stands in start contrast to so many 'social media gurus'

    Very refreshing, THANK YOU!


    Many Thanks.

  4. Such a nice post! Thanks so much...

  5. Beautiful post. I loved it. What a perfect Valentine's Day gift from you to me. =)

  6. Great post Glen! Really enjoyed reading this. It touches on everything social media should be and you are a pinnacle example to follow! ;D

  7. Loved your post. Simple and very refreshing. Thank you

  8. Awesome Post.. when I first clicked on the link from twitter I was shocked, cause your so good about passing on others content. Oh my! You should blog more!!! ;-)

  9. Thanks for the very kind comments! xoxo!

  10. excellent post! Love it!

  11. I've never compared the two before - clever post!


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  14. Love this blog, thank you! You're still my king of twitter :)

  15. These tips are not only for social media users, but for marketers as well. Remember, you should always have a heart when it comes to marketing your products. Marketing isn't all about sales; it's also about how many people who felt satisfied after they’ve bought your products.

    Staci Burruel

  16. Great work on this post, Glen. I absolutely LOVE it! :) Such great take-aways. Had to share with all of my followers.

  17. It’s amusing how you were able to relate social media to love. I think your tips are effective because it is something everyone can relate to and understand. The simplicity of words and explanations make the topic not seem too technical.

    Bryan Douglas

  18. I agree with Bryan that associating love with social media makes it easier to comprehend because it is something that everyone can relate to. It also applies to online marketing because you are connecting to people through company websites and social media pages as well. If you look at it closely, these are actually very basic, yet sometimes we tend to forget.

    Sage Aumick