22 Random Twitter Tips [NEW]

Following are twenty-two random twitter tips.  The earlier forty-seven may be found among my earlier posts.  Please feel free to share your own!  (Will be glad - maybe - to include them in a later post!  Thanks.)

48.  #TwitterTip NOTHING replaces P2P contact. Aim to #TweetUp, even if just with 1 or 2: it'll rocket-fuel your Tribe.

49.  #TwitterTip Listing "Everywhere" as your profile location gets you nowhere: be specific and build a base.

50.  #TwitterTip Deepen your Twitter contacts: connect on FB and LinkedIn. It'll create real opportunities.

51.  #TwitterTip Focus on finding and following a core of good content providers: you'll never be at a loss for tweets.

52.  #TwitterTip Why were you unfollowed?...Very simply: because of ur BLINKING avatar...(As in actually blinking!)

53.  #TwitterTip Set specific tweeting goals: "I'm going to make one person smile today!"

54.  #TwitterTip Be social. Be supportive. - And you will build a Tribe you can count on.

55.  #TwitterTip TWEETDECK Create a column for ur content kings to make finding and sharing good content easy.

56.  #TwitterTip Create multiple social network connections w ur closest, so WHEN Twitter goes down ur still connected.

57.  #TwitterTip If u get a tweet asking, "Is this u," with a link, it's safe...to block it and report it as spam.

58.  #TwitterTip: If you didn't see it on Twitter, it didn't happen. (And, just bc u saw it on Twitter, it doesn't mean it DID happen.) 

59.  #TwitterTip If you don't lose followers along the way...you're not tweeting right!

60.  #TwitterTip It's not about how many followers you have - it's about how many tweeps you can count on.

61.  #TwitterTip Take a stand and you will lose some followers - and build a stronger tribe.

62.  #TwitterTip Don't forget your personal brand: create an account with your name before someone else does!

63.  #TwitterTip You are what you Tweet.  (Yes, too cute, but very true!)

64.  #TwitterTip Want more followers? Follow, follow back and SHARE! (The benefit? More learning and contacts.)

65.  #TwitterTip Concentrate on making people...angry, happy, enlightened, laugh - share content that makes a difference.

66.  #TwitterTip When u see a #FridayFollow fr someone u respect, follow the listed tweeps and build a better tribe

67.  #TwitterTip Even if u follow 80/20 rule, if u tweet about ur business u will lose some followers - get over it.

68.  #TwitterTip If someone unfollows u bc u mention ur #biz - they were never part of ur tribe to begin with.

69.  #TwitterTip When you share links, try to bring readers to the primary link: spare them the second click.

70.  #TwitterTip Your avatar is a first impression - make it a good one.

71.  #TwitterTip If u share something and someone notes a significant problem w/ it, share that too!


"Your value in social media is determined by what you share." GDG #quote #socialmedia
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