47 Random Twitter Tips By @TrendTracker #SocialMedia

1. #TwitterTip Great tweeting requires the same as great writing: that you share a part of yourself.

2. #TwitterTip Want anemic growth in followers? Don't follow back.

3. #TwitterTip What to tweet? Study and share what you learn. Find us good links!

4. #TwitterTip How to handle haters on Twitter? Unfollow and keep positive.

5. #TwitterTip Remember, someone is always listening to you in the Twitter stream.

6. #TwitterTip Content is king in social media. ID good producers and harvest their fields often.

7. #TwitterTip NEWBIES: Get a bio up before u start following so ur not mistaken 4 spam & blocked.

8. #TwitterTip Periodically review ur Twitter brand for improvement: ur avatar, bio, pg - ur tweeting.

9. #TwitterTip Listen to and respond to fair criticism: it'll benefit you - and your followers!

10. #TwitterTip The more you show yourself, the better your tweeting becomes!

11. #TwitterTip Check out the twitter stream of those who RT u - ur likely to find gold!

12. #TwitterTip Have fun with it. You won't break it. (Unless, of course, ur a Russian agent after a Georgian blogger.)

13. #TwitterTips BRANDS, u invite public tongue-lashings by not following back and letting customers DM u w/ complaints!

14. #TwitterTip Start each morning with a walk...Yes, that's really a twitter tip - helps mood and creativity!

15. #TwitterTip Unless you're James Bond or a radio station, skip the numbers after your name.

16. #TwitterTip What to do if your name is taken on Twitter instead of adding numbers? Tell more: NYCJane, JoeScuba

17. #TwitterTip: Want someone to RT you? RT them.

18. #TwitterTip Twitter is a "social" network: please don't ask us to follow u if u don't plan to follow us!

19. #TwitterTip Cast a big net: make your following geographically diverse. It'll help you in travel - and in thought!

20. #TwitterTip If you're going to blog about Twitter, include a link to your Twitter page. http://Twitter.com/TrendTracker (Don't worry, feel free to place your info here!)

21. #TwitterTip Don't stress about losing followers: what remains will be a stronger, more effective tribe.

22. Twitter Tip Use apps to pace your tweets and cross time zones - the Twitterverse is a global community.

23. #TwitterTip Create a categorized library of your niche tweets so that you can share help quickly.

24. #TwitterTip "Why tweet often?" Simple answer: share as you learn and we'll learn too!

25. #TwitterTip Build a "tribe" by being honest & open & social - they'll stick with you when there's trouble!

26. #TwitterTip Follow the tweeps who retweet you - you obviously share some interests!

27. #TwitterTip Keep a nearby list of star twitterers to visit for key content.

28. #TwitterTip When U find a tweet worth RTing, look at twitterer's stream for more nuggets!

29. #TwitterTip Follow niche leaders - and those they follow - to find good content providers.

30. #TwitterTip Know that there will be misstakes [sic] - just clean them up as quickly as you can – or if they’re small, move on!

31. #TwitterTip Twitter is not a private club. Be yourself, of course, but polite, social and share.

32. #TwitterTip Everyone likes a party, so throw one for your niche! (See #WoofWednesday, #MusicMonday.)

33. #TwitterTip We’re “tweeting” on “Twitter” – it’s okay to use character-saving words like “tweeps” – just don’t overdo it!

34. #TwitterTip When you find good content, share it: it's part of why we’re here!

35. #TwitterTip BRANDS and CELEBS: Be "social." - RT every now and then!

36. #TwitterTip If your name is dfXy357, you're being blocked. Blame it on your parents.

37. #TwitterTip: Listen. Share. Follow. Engage. RT. Thank. Repeat.

38. #TwitterTip Use hashtags to target niche followers, e.g. #SocialMedia

39. #TwitterTip Want to deepen your friendships on Twitter? Ask for help - you'll be pleasantly surprised!

40. #TwitterTip See big typos in a tweet you tweeted? Delete old; resend corrected! :)

41. #TwitterTip Why do I constantly follow new people? To constantly discover new worlds.

42. #TwitterTip BRANDS: It's not enough that you have a Twitter account - you need to be social. Listen and share!

43. #TwitterTip Leaping, blinking avatars will get you noticed...and unfollowed.

44. #TwitterTip Don't under-estimate Twitter's power for good. Speak out. #IranElection

45. #TwitterTip Need tweeting content? Please feel free to use any of the above!  :)

46. #TwitterTip It’s OK to promote in modest measure AFTER u've shared good content, established trust, built a tribe.

47. #TwitterTip Be eager to give RTing credit - u'll build and strengthen your tribe!
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