47 Random Twitter Tips By @TrendTracker #SocialMedia

1. #TwitterTip Great tweeting requires the same as great writing: that you share a part of yourself.

2. #TwitterTip Want anemic growth in followers? Don't follow back.

3. #TwitterTip What to tweet? Study and share what you learn. Find us good links!

4. #TwitterTip How to handle haters on Twitter? Unfollow and keep positive.

5. #TwitterTip Remember, someone is always listening to you in the Twitter stream.

6. #TwitterTip Content is king in social media. ID good producers and harvest their fields often.

7. #TwitterTip NEWBIES: Get a bio up before u start following so ur not mistaken 4 spam & blocked.

8. #TwitterTip Periodically review ur Twitter brand for improvement: ur avatar, bio, pg - ur tweeting.

9. #TwitterTip Listen to and respond to fair criticism: it'll benefit you - and your followers!

10. #TwitterTip The more you show yourself, the better your tweeting becomes!

11. #TwitterTip Check out the twitter stream of those who RT u - ur likely to find gold!

12. #TwitterTip Have fun with it. You won't break it. (Unless, of course, ur a Russian agent after a Georgian blogger.)

13. #TwitterTips BRANDS, u invite public tongue-lashings by not following back and letting customers DM u w/ complaints!

14. #TwitterTip Start each morning with a walk...Yes, that's really a twitter tip - helps mood and creativity!

15. #TwitterTip Unless you're James Bond or a radio station, skip the numbers after your name.

16. #TwitterTip What to do if your name is taken on Twitter instead of adding numbers? Tell more: NYCJane, JoeScuba

17. #TwitterTip: Want someone to RT you? RT them.

18. #TwitterTip Twitter is a "social" network: please don't ask us to follow u if u don't plan to follow us!

19. #TwitterTip Cast a big net: make your following geographically diverse. It'll help you in travel - and in thought!

20. #TwitterTip If you're going to blog about Twitter, include a link to your Twitter page. http://Twitter.com/TrendTracker (Don't worry, feel free to place your info here!)

21. #TwitterTip Don't stress about losing followers: what remains will be a stronger, more effective tribe.

22. Twitter Tip Use apps to pace your tweets and cross time zones - the Twitterverse is a global community.

23. #TwitterTip Create a categorized library of your niche tweets so that you can share help quickly.

24. #TwitterTip "Why tweet often?" Simple answer: share as you learn and we'll learn too!

25. #TwitterTip Build a "tribe" by being honest & open & social - they'll stick with you when there's trouble!

26. #TwitterTip Follow the tweeps who retweet you - you obviously share some interests!

27. #TwitterTip Keep a nearby list of star twitterers to visit for key content.

28. #TwitterTip When U find a tweet worth RTing, look at twitterer's stream for more nuggets!

29. #TwitterTip Follow niche leaders - and those they follow - to find good content providers.

30. #TwitterTip Know that there will be misstakes [sic] - just clean them up as quickly as you can – or if they’re small, move on!

31. #TwitterTip Twitter is not a private club. Be yourself, of course, but polite, social and share.

32. #TwitterTip Everyone likes a party, so throw one for your niche! (See #WoofWednesday, #MusicMonday.)

33. #TwitterTip We’re “tweeting” on “Twitter” – it’s okay to use character-saving words like “tweeps” – just don’t overdo it!

34. #TwitterTip When you find good content, share it: it's part of why we’re here!

35. #TwitterTip BRANDS and CELEBS: Be "social." - RT every now and then!

36. #TwitterTip If your name is dfXy357, you're being blocked. Blame it on your parents.

37. #TwitterTip: Listen. Share. Follow. Engage. RT. Thank. Repeat.

38. #TwitterTip Use hashtags to target niche followers, e.g. #SocialMedia

39. #TwitterTip Want to deepen your friendships on Twitter? Ask for help - you'll be pleasantly surprised!

40. #TwitterTip See big typos in a tweet you tweeted? Delete old; resend corrected! :)

41. #TwitterTip Why do I constantly follow new people? To constantly discover new worlds.

42. #TwitterTip BRANDS: It's not enough that you have a Twitter account - you need to be social. Listen and share!

43. #TwitterTip Leaping, blinking avatars will get you noticed...and unfollowed.

44. #TwitterTip Don't under-estimate Twitter's power for good. Speak out. #IranElection

45. #TwitterTip Need tweeting content? Please feel free to use any of the above!  :)

46. #TwitterTip It’s OK to promote in modest measure AFTER u've shared good content, established trust, built a tribe.

47. #TwitterTip Be eager to give RTing credit - u'll build and strengthen your tribe!

Social Media: An Acronym

Social Media: An Acronym
for Learning & Sharing

Sign up.  Start.  Share.  It all starts with doing and sharing.  Sign up for a Twitter account, a Facebook page, LinkedIn, Digg, Flickr, WordPress, StumbleUpon, Blip.fm..."What the heck are all these things and how do I use them?"  Good questions.  Would take too long to go through all the details and nuances of each -- best that you sign up, start and share.  You'll learn most by doing.
O  Observe.  Observe what others are doing.  Identify those in the network you enjoy and figure out what it is they are doing that makes the experience with them so enjoyable so that you might emulate some of their winning ways.
C  Conversation and Content.  These are "social" networks.  People come here to share.  So do.  Converse.  Ask questions, share a thought, share a moment, but always remember that "Content is King."  "What does that phrase mean?"  It means that we are all thirsty for new information, to learn new things, to see cool stuff - so find it and share it.  It's okay to tell us when you've enjoyed a great meal or a nice coffee:  but don't make that the substance of your stream -- unless you're a distinguished chef.  Instead, hit us with your great aunt's best recipe for egg rolls or a link to great, truly awesome pictures.  We'll appreciate it and share it!
I Individuality.  By all means, be yourself!  Share who you are.  We want great content, but we also want to see a bit of you as well.  Our greatest experiences always revolve around others, the PEOPLE we meet.  We'll trust you more and like you more if you show some of your passions and personality. It'll make your experience, as well as ours, more enjoyable!
A  Accept.  Accept that you're going to make some mistakes.  Accept that not everyone is going to like you.  Accept that you'll see and hear a lot of nonsense along the way.  "Accepting" doesn't mean agreeing, it simply means to understand certain things will happen that you may not like or be able to control, but don't let it detract from all the wonderful  experiences and benefits of social media.
L  Listen.  Didn't we already cover that with the "O" for "Observation?"  No.  "Listen" is different from "Observe."  "Listen" contemplates engagement and conversation.  By listening in social media we really mean active listening that is the starting point of great conversation.  Pay attention to what others are saying -- not just about you, but about themselves as well.  Listen for insights into how you might be a better participant in the conversation or network.  Listen for the tenor of the conversation as well as the words.  Pause along the way to make sure you're still listening.
M  Modesty.  "'Modesty' on a social network?  You're joking, right?"  No.  I realize that for many the notion of social media and modesty may be an oxymoron, but it should be something you should constantly be mindful of as you gain confidence in your presence.  Regardless of how comfortable you may begin to feel with your network, bear in mind that in most cases you are still broadcasting to the world -- literally.  Oh it may be a conversation, as all good social media is, but, let that one moment get out of hand and your rant or picture or video will likely get bounced far beyond wherever you hoped it would land, and your world may change in big ways.
Another element of modesty is acknowledging those, whenever possible, who first shared with you the content you are sharing.  This will reap its own rewards in deepened connections and added sharing.
E  Enliven!  Enliven the conversation!  See a message from someone asking about something that you may have the answer to?  Let them know it, even if it's just a helpful insight.  Share what you have.  You will make new connections in the process of enlivening the conversation.  Stumble upon something particularly helpful or interesting, share it.  You have much to bring to the conversation!
D  Don't...  Don't forget the basics:  consideration, compassion, caring, politeness.  Coming to social media to have fun and maybe do a little bit of learning?  What you'll discover and remember most are the wonderfully caring and compassionate people you'll meet along the way.  Be one of them.
I  Invite.  Invite questions, comments, suggestions, help.  Invite others to discover the great things you've discovered.  Invite others to share their insights or tips.  Invite others to join you on your wonderful journey -- you'll need and want them along the way!
A  Arrive.  Arrive at where you want to be, but don't stop the journey or conversation.  "Okay, that sounds kind of cool and campy and crunchy, but what does that mean?"  It means to set goals.  Add to them and change them along the way.  As you do, and work on achieving those goals, you'll find yourself arriving at where you wanted to be.  Just don't linger too long because we're meant to keep learning and conversing and striving for new goals.  Social media is a wonderful place to do all three.

Wizard of Oz: 7 Social Media Lessons

Cowardly Lion: All right, I'll go in there for Dorothy. Wicked Witch or no Wicked Witch, guards or no guards, I'll tear them apart. I may not come out alive, but I'm going in there....

There's only one thing I want you fellows to do.

Tin Woodsman, Scarecrow: What's that?

Cowardly Lion: Talk me out of it!

1. Begin the journey & don't let anyone talk you out of it!

The adventures you will encounter in social media will, truly, in many respects, be no less remarkable than the adventures encountered by that unlikely and timorous quartet that joined forces to go after their dreams in the Wizard of Oz. There are plenty of reasons not to begin the journey or to abandon the journey: fear of the known and unknown, limited resources, inexperience, unexpected obstacles, critics. However, just as in Oz where the journey offered the only real hope of achieving important goals, so, too, in today's world does social media offer the only hope of achieving many important goals, whether for an individual, business or non-profit.

...Now, more properly, one might have expected lesson number one to talk about planning. Sometimes, however, like the characters in Oz, we find ourselves swept up in a journey before we realize it's even begun, needing to learn and improvise along the way. It's how most journeys happen. Don't be discouraged by this: just know that you will need to learn and improvise along the way!

2. Be social.

'Be social?' We're only on lesson two and we're being told to 'Be social.' That's part of the problem! What does 'being social' mean in the world of social media!

Being "social" in the world of social media is like being social in the Wizard of Oz or, more simply, in the "real world." But let's stick with our analogy: take Dorothy, who almost assuredly would be referred to disparagingly by some as a "social media climber" because of her lack of formal pedigree, her "learn-as-you-go" approach, and her doggedness; yet, to others with discernment, she would be quickly recognized as a social media adept, someone with an innate knack for being "social":

  • She was always polite even under the most strenuous of circumstances and even when being insistent;

  • She knew how to make friends along the way: she would introduce herself, be transparent about her intentions, authentic about who she was and where she came from and where she wanted to go, and eager to help whenever she could;

  • She listened to what others were saying and shared her thoughts;

  • She was always eager to learn about and from others she met along the way.

 3. Build a team along the way.

Dorothy was expert at this. She did it in a social way, by simply talking with and helping others she met along the way. She was quick to invite others to join her in her journey. The best friends you'll meet in social media are those who share in the love of learning. As you offer to help them, they will offer to help you. Social media changes at such a dizzying pace that the team you build along the way will be able to assist you in many unexpected ways. Don't go it alone. Build a team by being social.

4. Know that it's okay to be scared along the way.

There's much to learn along the way in social media, much that is confusing, much that can be disheartening, scary. If you're accustomed to traditional PR and marketing, you'll quickly discover you're not in Kansas anymore.  Things are very different.  Centralized messaging doesn't work.  Indeed, "messaging" itself doesn't work if it's not part of a real conversation.  Work through your fears. The friends you make in social media, by chatting or tweeting with them, will help you overcome your fears and equip you better for your journey. What you do not have by way of knowledge in one area, those you have connected with along the may well have in abundance and you, likewise, for them. Ask, share, and learn.

5. Know that you will encounter unexpected obstacles  and "haters" along the way.

Along their way to Oz, the gradually-emboldened quartet found that they were besieged by many unexpected obstacles and "haters" - those who wanted to turn them back from achieving their goals. Know that you, too, will encounter many unexpected obstacles and a few such haters along the way, though most of the "haters" you will  encounter will be without the charm of those encountered by Dorothy and her companions. Do not be discouraged by the obstacles.  Work through them.  As to the "haters" - don't give them much of your time or energy. Move past them as quickly as you can.  And, whenever needed, turn to your social media companions for support.

6. Be yourself, know what makes you special, and celebrate it.

What endeared Dorothy to nearly everyone she met, was her simple, determined way, her honesty....Oh, yes...AND her ruby slippers. Now Dorothy was a plain country girl, yet, she had a pair of ruby slippers that were the talk of the town wherever she went. They helped make her who she was. Dorothy was smart enough to figure this out and not to take them off or give them away. What the heck am I talking about? Figure out what makes you special and be who you are. If you're true to yourself in social media and show a bit of who you really are, you will find success. Why?  Because most people genuinely like others, however quirky they may be, when they show and share themselves. If you give away what makes you special, you're unlikely to meet success in the journey of social media.

7. Continue on your journey, whatever the bumps, and you're likely to achieve your goals.

Beginning the journey, identifying goals, listening and speaking and sharing with others, collaborating with others, overcoming obstacles, improvising, learning, dreaming, keeping focused on your goals....You just may discover yourself achieving your goals in spite of all of the uncertainties, obstacles, fears, doubts, and improvisations along the way....

Dorothy: Weren't you frightened?

Wizard of Oz: Frightened? Child, you're talking to a man who's laughed in the face of death, sneered at doom, and chuckled at catastrophe....I was petrified.